Current Inventory - Crystals HC49/U and HC49/U2

We have the following crystals in stock and ready for immediate delivery, available in various frequencies and container types. We also have hard-to-find items on hand.

Call: 1-(800)526-3935, or Contact Us to order.

Crystals HC49/U and HC49/U2 In Stock
Part Number Description On Hand
BC1AAA118-14.318180 10/10ppm, 0+70c, 18pF 68
BC1AAA320-100.000000 10/10ppm, 0+70C, 20pF 45
BC1AAA3SR-69.300000 10/10ppm, 0+70C, SR 20
BC1AAB120-14.800000 10/10ppm, -10+60C, 20pF 10
BC1AAB120-17.987500 10/10ppm, -10+60C, 20pF 10
BC1AAB130-4.400000 10/10ppm, -10+60C, 30pF 327
BC1AAB132-17.656250 10/10ppm, -10+60C, 32pF 25
BC1AAB132-19.468750 10/10ppm, -10+60C, 32pF 30
BC1AAB132-19.510420 10/10ppm, -10+60C, 32pF 30
BC1AAB332-44.545000 10/10ppm, -10+60C, 32pF 25
BC1AAD120-17.734475 10/10ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 175
BC1AAD120-21.812500 10/10ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 8
BC1AAD120A-4.000000 10/10ppm, -20+70C, 20pF, 3rd lead 5
BC1AAD124-12.000000 10/10ppm, -20+70C, 24pF 100
BC1AAD130-12.832292 10/10ppm, -20+70C, 30pF 5
BC1AAD132-10.245000 10/10ppm, -20+70C, 32pF 49
BC1AAD132-12.000000 10/10ppm, -20+70C, 32pF 40
BC1AAD132-12.800000 10/10ppm, -20+70C, 32pF 197
BC1AAD132-3.932000 10/10ppm, -20+70C, 32pF 40
BC1AAD132-6.400000 10/10ppm, -20+70C, 32pF 40
BC1AAD1SR-12.444200 10/10ppm, -20+70C, Series 0
BC1AAD1SR-17.734475 10/10ppm, -20+70C, Series 1705
BC1AAD1SR-3.579545 10/10ppm, -20+70C, Series 394
BC1AAD3SR-49.830000 10/10ppm, -20+70C, 3rd OT, Series 80
BC1AAD3SR-49.833000 10/10ppm, -20+70C, 3rd OT, Series 100
BC1AAD3SR-49.893000 10/10ppm, -20+70C, 3rd OT, Series 47
BC1AAD5SR-75.000000 10/10ppm, -20+70C, 5th OT,Series 25
BC1AAF132-10.215000 10/10ppm, -60+60C, 32pF 50
BC1AAF132-16.610000 10/10ppm, -60+60C, 32pF 200
BC1AAF3SR-39.160000 10/10ppm, -60+60C, 3rd OT, Series 25
BC1ACA115-21.408000 10/20ppm, 0+70C, 15pF 40
BC1AEI5SR-97.500000 10/30ppm, -40+85C, 5th OT, Series 50
BC1BCA120-16.613333 15/20ppm, 0+70C, 20pF 10
BC1BCA132-10.245000 15/20ppm, 0+70C, 32pF 200
BC1BCA3SR-39.120000 15/20ppm, 0+70C, 3rd OT, Series 20
BC1BCA3SR-39.140000 15/20ppm, 0+70C, 3rd OT, Series 25
BC1BCA3SR-39.160000 15/20ppm, 0+70C, 3rd OT, Series 50
BC1BCA3SR-39.180000 15/20ppm, 0+70C, 3rd OT, Series 50
BC1BCA3SR-39.200000 15/20ppm, 0+70C, 3rd OT, Series 50
BC1BCD320-26.760000 15/20ppm, -20+70C, 3rd OT, 20pF 10
BC1BCD320-27.215000 15/20ppm, -20+70C, 3rd OT, 20pF 10
BC1BED318-35.251200 15/30ppm, -20+70C, 3rd OT, 18pF 153
BC1CCD118-19.968000 20/20ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 42
BC1CCD1SR-22.579200 20/20ppm, -20+70C, Series 50
BC1CCD1SR-24.576000 20/20ppm, -20+70C, Series 50
BC1CCD3SR-26.080000 20/20ppm, -20+70C, 3rd OT, Series 150
BC1CCF120-19.797120 20/20ppm, -60+60C, 20pF 605
BC1CCF132-2.658400 20/20ppm, -60+60C, 32pF 0
BC1CCH115.5-2.064000 20/20ppm, -40+70C, 15.5pF 99
BC1CCI118-9.984000 20/20ppm, -40+85C, 18pF 99
BC1CCI120-14.660000 20/20ppm, -40+85C, 20pF 100
BC1CEA133-12.960000 20/30ppm, 0+70C, 33pF 50
BC1CED124-10.800000 20/30ppm, -20+70C, 24pF 50
BC1CFI120A-11.155000 20/50ppm, -40+85C, 20pF, 3rd lead 25
BC1CFJ132-12.000000 20/50ppm, -55+105C, 32pF 25
BC1CFR5SR-121.111100 20/50ppm, -55+90C, 5th OT, Series 100
BC1DDA120-22.579200 25/25ppm, 0+70C, 20pF 127
BC1DDA120-24.576000 25/25ppm, 0+70C, 20pF 48
BC1DDA1SR-22.579200 25/25ppm, 0+70C, Series 20
BC1DDA1SR-24.576000 25/25ppm, 0+70C, Series 20
BC1DDB3SR-84.700000 25/25ppm, -10+60C, 3rd OT, Series 1590
BC1EEA120-12.987500 30/30ppm, 0+70C, 20pF 750
BC1EED110D-11.703880 30/30ppm, -20+70C, 10pF, ground clip 95
BC1EED112D-11.060472 30/30ppm, -20+70C, 12pF, ground clip 100
BC1EED112D-11.527848 30/30ppm, -20+70C, 12pF, ground clip 100
BC1EED118-10.710000 30/30ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 10
BC1EED120-21.414285 30/30ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 72
BC1EED120-21.424000 30/30ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 263
BC1EED1SR-16.700000 30/30ppm, -20+70C, Series 300
BC1EED1SR-17.100000 30/30ppm, -20+70C, Series 20
BC1EED1SR-17.500000 30/30ppm, -20+70C, Series 300
BC1EED1SR-18.900000 30/30ppm, -20+70C, Series 20
BC1EED1SR-3.900000 30/30ppm, -20+70C, Series 193
BC1EED1SR-4.700000 30/30ppm, -20+70C, Series 320
BC1EFA1SR-18.432000 30/50ppm, 0+70C, Series 662
BC1EFA318-48.168333 30/50ppm, 0+70C, 3rd OT, 18pF 125
BC1EFA332-47.102500 30/50ppm, 0+70C, 3rd OT, 32pF 5
BC1EFD110-14.318180 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 10pF 175
BC1EFD112DG-1.843200 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 12pF, gull wing w/clip 1600
BC1EFD116.4-8.192000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 16.4pF 25
BC1EFD118-12.000000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 11
BC1EFD118-14.000000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 8
BC1EFD118-15.360000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 40
BC1EFD118-16.000000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 724
BC1EFD118-16.025000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 9
BC1EFD118-2.048000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 36
BC1EFD118-2.457600 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 42
BC1EFD118-20.833300 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 5
BC1EFD118-27.000000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 131
BC1EFD118-3.500000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 9
BC1EFD118-3.686400 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 88
BC1EFD118-3.992000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 100
BC1EFD118-4.915200 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 300
BC1EFD118-6.176000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 504
BC1EFD118-6.300000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 561
BC1EFD118-6.800000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 504
BC1EFD118-7.160156 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 50
BC1EFD118-7.372800 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 547
BC1EFD118-7.800000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 500
BC1EFD118-8.388608 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 250
BC1EFD118-8.700000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 520
BC1EFD118-9.200000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 570
BC1EFD118-9.500000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 520
BC1EFD118-9.545000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 18
BC1EFD120-1.843200 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 37
BC1EFD120-12.000000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 6
BC1EFD120-14.745600 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 635
BC1EFD120-16.384000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 50
BC1EFD120-18.291200 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 1961
BC1EFD120-2.176000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 80
BC1EFD120-3.600000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 3
BC1EFD120-4.028000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 100
BC1EFD120-4.194304 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 55
BC1EFD120-4.200000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 51
BC1EFD120-5.000000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 10
BC1EFD120-5.585000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 295
BC1EFD120-5.714300 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 1386
BC1EFD120-5.760000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 441
BC1EFD120-7.159090 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 1445
BC1EFD120-8.000000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 10
BC1EFD120-9.991980 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 50
BC1EFD120A-14.187500 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF, 3rd lead 171
BC1EFD120B-3.932160 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF, vinyl sleeve 25
BC1EFD122-1.843200 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 22pF 116
BC1EFD130-16.618300 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 30pF 22
BC1EFD130-3.420000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 30pF 8
BC1EFD130-4.43361875 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 30pF 310
BC1EFD130-6.780000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 30pF 215
BC1EFD132-12.000000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 32pF 36
BC1EFD132-14.318180 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 32pF 25
BC1EFD132-2.457600 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 32pF 0
BC1EFD133-2.455145 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 33pF 195
BC1EFD133A-5.530000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 33pF, 3rd lead 64
BC1EFD150-6.086130 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 50pF 41
BC1EFD1SR-10.000000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 8
BC1EFD1SR-11.000000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 1491
BC1EFD1SR-11.059200 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 3
BC1EFD1SR-16.000000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 438
BC1EFD1SR-16.384000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 15
BC1EFD1SR-17.734475 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 169
BC1EFD1SR-18.000000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 98
BC1EFD1SR-18.867000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 80
BC1EFD1SR-19.000000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 40
BC1EFD1SR-20.000000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 369
BC1EFD1SR-21.974000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 197
BC1EFD1SR-23.000000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 40
BC1EFD1SR-24.000000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 42
BC1EFD1SR-3.579545 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 1023
BC1EFD1SR-3.580000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 490
BC1EFD1SR-3.686400 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 1341
BC1EFD1SR-4.915200 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 227
BC1EFD1SR-5.068800 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 1786
BC1EFD1SR-6.000000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 135
BC1EFD1SR-6.144000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 226
BC1EFD1SR-7.000000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 40
BC1EFD1SR-7.122000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 150
BC1EFD1SR-8.000000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 100
BC1EFD1SR-8.664000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 500
BC1EFD1SRC-10.000000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, Series, base insulator 80
BC1EFD318-50.803200 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 3rd OT, 18pF 200
BC1EFD318-56.448000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 3rd OT, 18pf 1573
BC1EFD332-26.690000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 3rd OT, 32pF 25
BC1EFD3SR-39.000000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 3rd OT, Series 37
BC1EFD3SR-43.050000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 3rd OT, Series 664
BC1EFD5SR-63.300000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 5th OT, Series 68
BC1EFD5SR-94.050000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 5th OT, Series 160
BC1EFD5SR-94.650000 30/50ppm, -20+70C, 5th OT, Series 23
BC1EFI110-5.000000 30/50ppm, -40+85C, 10pF 50
BC1EFI110-9.800000 30/50ppm, -40+85C, 10pF 75
BC1EFI120-16.000000 30/50ppm, -40+85C, 20pF 125
BC1EFI120-17.177600 30/50ppm, -40+85C, 20pF 219
BC1EFI120-7.372800 30/50ppm, -40+85C, 20pF 290
BC1EFI130-20.945000 30/50ppm, -40+85C, 30pF 43
BC1EFI1SR-14.500000 30/50ppm, -40+85C, Series 157
BC1EFI1SR-17.500000 30/50ppm, -40+85C, Series 13
BC1EFI1SR-6.500000 30/50ppm, -40+85C, Series 50
BC1EFI1SR-9.250000 30/50ppm, -40+85C, Series 93
BC1EFI3SR-40.800000 30/50ppm, -40+85C, 3rd OT, Series 171
BC1EFI3SR-41.300000 30/50ppm, -40+85C, 3rd OT, Series 997
BC1EFI3SR-63.800000 30/50ppm, -40+85C, 3rd OT, Series 104
BC1EFJ132-16.000000 30/50ppm, -55+105C, 32pF 200
BC1EFQ130-2.560000 30/50ppm, 0+200C, 30pF 500
BC1FFA120A-20.044800 50/50ppm, 0+70C, 20pF, 3rd lead 100
BC1FFA1SR-2.583000 50/50ppm, 0+70C, Series 150
BC1FFA1SR-9.000000 50/50ppm, 0+70C, Series 8
BC1FFD112-4.194304 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 12pF 164
BC1FFD113-1.843200 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 13pF 100
BC1FFD117-26.525600 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 17pF 10
BC1FFD118-10.240000 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 25
BC1FFD118-3.579545 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF 0
BC1FFD118A-3.579545 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 18pF, 3rd lead 0
BC1FFD120-10.000000 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 508
BC1FFD120-2.300000 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 22
BC1FFD120-24.576000 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 70
BC1FFD120-27.000000 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF 115
BC1FFD120A-11.980800 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 20pF, 3rd lead 97
BC1FFD124-12.000000 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 24pF 0
BC1FFD124-20.000000 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 24pF 275
BC1FFD124-22.118400 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 24pF 200
BC1FFD124-3.686400 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 24pF 200
BC1FFD124-7.800000 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 24pF 100
BC1FFD130-8.000000 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 30pF 85
BC1FFD130A-14.318100 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 30pF, 3rd lead 177
BC1FFD132-1.966080 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 32pF 10
BC1FFD132-10.245000 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 32pF 40
BC1FFD132-16.610000 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 32pF 70
BC1FFD132-2.457600 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 32pF 376
BC1FFD132-30.000000 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 32pF 1
BC1FFD132A-11.059200 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 32pF, 3rd lead 40
BC1FFD157-14.318180 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 57pF 65
BC1FFD157-17.734475 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 57pF 43
BC1FFD1SR-10.116000 50/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 23
BC1FFD1SR-12.000000 50/50ppm, -20+70C, Series 448
BC1FFD318-49.580000 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 3rd OT, 18pF 50
BC1FFD318A-39.168000 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 3rd OT, 18pF, 3rd lead 210
BC1FFD3SR-43.475000 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 3rd OT, Series 40
BC1FFD3SR-43.525000 50/50ppm, -20+70C, 3rd OT, Series 40
BC1FFF160-2.658400 50/50ppm, -60+60C, 60pF 250
BC1FFF160-2.666656 50/50ppm, -60+60C, 60pF 400
BC1FFI132-2.048000 50/50ppm, -40+85C, 32pF 12
BC1FFI132-2.621440 50/50ppm, -40+85C, 32pF 120
BC1FFI132-3.088000 50/50ppm, -40+85C, 32pF 50
BC1FFI1SR-11.059200 50/50ppm, -40+85C, Series 3
BC1FGA1SRA-4.620000 50/100ppm, 0+70C, Series, 3rd lead 48
BC1FGI113-5.460000 50/100ppm, -40+85C, 13pF 10
BC1GFK124-4.000000 100/50ppm, -30+65C, 24pF 80
BC1GGR132-10.800000 100/100ppm, -55+90C, 32pF 250
BC2ACI118C-15.000000 10/20ppm, -40+85C, 18pF, base insulator 294
BC2AEH132-10.245000 10/30ppm, -40+70C, 32pF 70
BC2AEH132-5.120000 10/30ppm, -40+70C, 32pF 0

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