HC49/SMD Crystal

BC15 - 11.5 X 4.75mm

The Bomar BC15 is a HC49/SMD low profile surface mount crystal using an AT-strip crystal blank. Used in microprocessor, computer and computer peripheral applications.  The HC49/SMD offers tolerance and stability to ±10ppm, with temperature ranges to -40o to +85oC. A small height of 3.5 or 2.5 mm optional.  The HC49/SMD is available in fundamental and 3rd Overtone.


  • Frequency range of 3.200MHz to 100.000MHz
  • High precision and high reliability
  • Microprocessor, computer and computer peripheral applications
  • All Products meet the European Union Initiative (RoHS) for lead (Pb) free content and requirements for re-flow profiling using lead-free solder.



Frequency Range 3.200MHz - 100.000MHz
Frequency Tol. at 25ºC ±30ppm - Standard
±10ppm to ±100ppm - Available
Temperature Range
-20o to +70oC. - Standard
-40o to +85oC. - Available
Frequency Stability ±50ppm - Standard
±10ppm to ±100ppm - Available
Load Capacitance 10pF to 100pF or Series Resonant
Shunt Capacitance 7pF max.
Resistance See Below
Aging ±3ppm/1st year max.
Drive Level 1.0mW max.


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HC49/smd crystal

Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR)

Frequency MHz Mode HC49/SMD
3.200-6.000 Fundamental 150 Ohms
6.001-8.000 Fundamental 60
8.001-16.000 Fundamental 50
16.001-48.000 Fundamental 30
35.000-45.000 Third Overtone 100
45.001-100.000 Third Overtone 70