HC48/U Crystal

HC48/U crystals are available from 1.500MHz to 225.000MHz. A very rugged crystal used in applications where there are higher vibrations: Aeronautical Instruments, Security and Test Equipment, Commercial and Amateur radios

BC12 - 19.56 x 18.85 x 8.59mm Features
  • Frequency range of 1.500MHz to 225.000MHz
  • High Precision and High Reliability
  • Avionics, Security, Microprocessor, Computer and Computer peripheral applications
  • Commercial and Amateur radios
  • All Products meet the European Union Initiative (RoHS) for Lead (Pb) free content and requirements for re-flow profiling using lead-free solder.




Frequency Range 1.500MHz - 225.000 MHz
Frequency Tolerance at 25ºC. ±10ppm - ±30ppm
Temperature Range (Operating) -10o to +60oC. - Standard
Frequency Stability ±10ppm - ±30ppm
Load Capacitance 10pF to 100pF or Series Resonant
Shunt Capacitance 7pF max.
Resistance See Below
Aging ±3ppm/1st year max.
Drive Level 1.0mW max.


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inches / mm

HC51/U crystal

Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR)

Frequency Mode HC48/U (Ohms)
1.500-2.000 MHz Fundamental 400
2.001-3.000 MHz Fundamental 300
3.001-4.000 MHz Fundamental 150
4.001-6.000 MHz Fundamental 75
6.001-10.000 MHz Fundamental 60
10.001-30.000 MHz Fundamental 30
25.000-100.000 MHz Third overtone 50
60.000-150.000 MHz Fifth overtone 80
150.000-225.000 MHz Seventh overtone 120