OCXO - 20.5 x 20.5 x 11.0mm


Bomar Crystal is able to offer a full line of ultra low tolerance thru hole Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators. OCXOs are used for applications where frequency tolerance and stability are critical like radar systems, synthesizers, test & measurement instrumentation, GPS tracking and cellular base stations. Frequency stability to ±5ppb with low phase noise is available.


  • Frequency stability to ±5ppb
  • Frequency range from 2.000 MHz to 100.000 MHz
  • High precision and high reliability
  • Extended temperature of -40o to +75oC. available
  • Available in 3.3Vdc, 5.0Vdc or 12.0Vdc
  • HCMOS or Sine wave available
  • AT or SC cut 
  • All Products meet the European Union Initiative (RoHS) for Lead (Pb) free content and requirements for re-flow profiling using lead-free solder.

Standard Specifications

Output Wave Form  HCMOS or Sine Wave 
Frequency Range  2.000 MHz - 100.000 MHz
Standard Frequencies (partial list)  10.000, 12.800, 13.000, 26.000, 38.880, 100.000 MHz
Type of Crystal Cut  AT-cut or SC-cut
Supply Voltage  3.3 Vdc, 5.0 Vdc or 12.0V
Power Consumption 3.6W max. - warm up              1.2W max. - steady state
Initial Frequency Accuracy (at +25oC)  ±0.2ppm with EFC set at center of control voltage 
Frequency Stability      vs Operating Temperature Range (referenced to +25oC.) ±50ppb(AT) or ±5ppb(SC) over 0oC. to +50oC.
±100ppb(AT) or ±10ppb(SC) over -20oC. to +70oC.
±100ppb(AT) or ±30ppb(SC) over -40oC. to +75oC.
Custom spec. on request
vs Aging / 1 day ±2ppb max.(AT) or ±1ppb max.(SC)
vs Aging / first year ±300ppb max.(AT) or ±100ppb max.(SC)
vs Aging / 10 years ±2.0ppm max.(AT) or ±0.5ppm max.(SC) 
vs 5% Supply Voltage Change ±20ppb max. 
vs 5% Load Change  ±10ppb max. 
Electronic Frequency Control
Pin 4   
Tuning Range ±3ppm min.(AT) or ±0.7ppm min.(SC)
Control Voltage Range 3.3V(0-3.3V), 5.0V & 12.0V(0-5.0V) 
Linearity ±10% 
Transfer Function Positive 
Warm up time (at +25oC.)   ±200ppb, 3 min. max.(AT) or ±100ppb, 3 min. max.(SC) 
CMOS Square Wave      VOH:Logic High   "1"   90% Vdd min.
VOL:Logic Low    "0"  10% Vdd max. 
Duty Cycle 45% to 55%  
Rise Time and Fall Time 6nS max.
Load 15 pF, 50pF max.
Sine Wave  Output 5dBm min.
Load 50 ohms
Phase Noise 
10Hz -120dBc/Hz
100Hz -140dBc/Hz
1kHz -145dBc/Hz
10kHz -150dBc/Hz


20.5 x 20.5 ocxo

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