14 pin DIP OCXO 


Bomar Crystal is able to offer a full line of ultra low tolerance thru hole Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators. OCXOs are used for applications where frequency tolerance and stability are critical like Satellite Radios, Sonet Clocks, Synthesizers, Instrumentation and GSM Base Stations. Frequency stability to ±50ppb with low phase noise is available.


  • Frequency stability to ±50ppb
  • Frequency range from 2.000 MHz to 100.000 MHz
  • High precision and high reliability
  • Extended temperature of -40o to +75oC. available
  • Available in 3.3Vdc, 5.0Vdc, or 12.0Vdc
  • CMOS or Sine Wave available
  • AT-cut 
  • All Products meet the European Union Initiative (RoHS) for Lead (Pb) free content and requirements for re-flow profiling using lead-free solder.

Standard Specifications

Output Wave Form  CMOS or Sine Wave 
Frequency Range  2.000 MHz - 100.000 MHz
Standard Frequencies (partial list)  10.000, 12.800, 20.000, 38.880, 40.000, 100.000 MHz
Type of Crystal Cut  AT-cut
Supply Voltage  3.3Vdc, 5.0Vdc, or 12.0Vdc
Power Consumption 2.0W max. - warm up              1.0W max. - steady state
Initial Frequency Accuracy (at +25oC)  ±0.5ppm with EFC set at center of control voltage 
Frequency Stability      vs Operating Temperature Range (referenced to +25oC.) ±50ppb over 0oC. to +50oC.
±200ppb over -20oC. to +70oC.
±500ppb over -40oC. to +75oC.
Custom spec. on request
Short term 1x10-9 / sec.       Alan variance
vs Aging / year ±0.5ppm max.
vs Aging / 10 years ±3.0ppm max.
vs 5% Supply Voltage Change ±20ppb max. 
vs 5% Load Change  ±20 ppb max. 
Electronic Frequency Control
Pin 1   
Tuning Range ±5 ppm min.
Control Voltage Range 3.3V(0-3.3V), 5.0V or 12V(0-5.0V) 
Linearity ±10% 
Transfer Function Positive 
Warm up time (at +25oC.)   ±0.5ppm, 3 min. max. 
CMOS Square Wave      VOH:Logic High    "1" 90% Vdd min.
VOL:Logic Low    "0"  10% Vdd max. 
Duty Cycle 45% to 55%  
Rise Time and Fall Time 6nS max.
Load 15 pF, 50pF max.
Sine Wave  Output 2 dBm min.
Load 50 ohms
Phase Noise 
10Hz -90dBc/Hz
100Hz -120dBc/Hz
1kHz -145dBc/Hz
10kHz -150dBc/Hz


14 pin DIP ocxo

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